Knives In Your Eyes

from by TIRADE



We don’t claim to be experts on any form of politics or the details of world issues, but this song is about blind patriotism, which seems to be instilled in kids in countries like America; where they’re fooled into fighting for their country for reasons other than the greater good. Fuck!!!!!!!


Better day, so they say, bombs away
Only way, so they say, peace won’t pay

Now they’ll never take nothing from me
I won’t let them be the ones who bleed

For your prize, young will die, my oh my
Train them well, sent to hell, suicide

Now they’ll never take nothing from me
I won’t let them be the ones who bleed

Take them down a little bit faster
The world won’t get a second chance
To be the overlord the master
Of all we know you need

Bring them here, use the fear, make it clear,
Don’t delay, don’t betray, peace won't pay

Now they’ll never take nothing from me
And don’t you know that I’ll ensure to secure we will succeed

I know you’re not doing this for me
I know you think we’re pretty stupid
How far can you say that we are free
Forgetting the profit we’re on the losing side
And I know you’re the worst of all your kind


from TIRADE, released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


TIRADE Manchester, UK

TIRADE are an alternative-rock band based in Manchester, bridging the gap between Pop-Punk, British Rock and Math Rock!


‘’I listened to these guys and they totally blew me away, I love them’’ – Alex Baker, Kerrang!''

''If the jackhammer rhythms of 'Snakes and Social Ladders' are anything to go by then their debut, self-titled EP should turn a few heads. Lovely.'' - Rock Sound Magazine
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