from by TIRADE



Naughty boys are gonna get punched!!!!!!!!


Good job my friend, congratulations
You successfully fucked the whole thing up
We scramble ‘round for consultations
Two brand new sides one pointless war

Lost, and now we’re picking up the pieces that you left for us
As you walk away I feel my anger rising up and up
So here we are now, still breaking new ground

Never been so loud
You threw it away, I bet you’re proud
But you moan and you groan so alone
But you know, we’ve long gone by

Lost all consideration
Took us for a ride, you crashed the truck
We power through the complications
Too much at stake too much to be

Lost, and now we’re picking up the pieces that you left for us
Churn out the lies it’s no surprise you’re running out of luck

It seriously seems to me
That from your actions you want the punch


from TIRADE, released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


TIRADE Manchester, UK

TIRADE are an alternative-rock band based in Manchester, bridging the gap between Pop-Punk, British Rock and Math Rock!


‘’I listened to these guys and they totally blew me away, I love them’’ – Alex Baker, Kerrang!''

''If the jackhammer rhythms of 'Snakes and Social Ladders' are anything to go by then their debut, self-titled EP should turn a few heads. Lovely.'' - Rock Sound Magazine
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